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  • A current view of Todays Program Listing for Channel 17. Thanks for watching!!!

  • A current view of Todays Program Listing for Channel 18. Thanks for watching!!!

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  • DW-TV (in English)now on Channel 17/18 Access Sacramento Deutsche Welle Television. 50 Years at the Heart of Europe

    The world is a global village. To stay informed, Access Sacramento brings you the world from the heart of Europe. The many U.S. network news programs and cable news channels have a particularly "American" perspective on world events. Access Sacramento offers a fresh view through European eyes, cable casting daily programming from DW-TV. Channel 18 will bring to our cable viewers "Journal", an up-to-the-minute news and current affairs program direct from Europe. Please stayed tuned for today's headlines and complete commentary. For details go to the web site

    Watch Deutsche Welle Television on Access Sacramento Channel 18
    Monday through Friday at 2am, 4am, 6am, 2pm & 4pm
    Saturdays and Sundays at 2am, 4am, 6am, 8am, 10am, 12noon, 2pm & 4pm.

    Journal brings you thirty minutes of network quality news from Germany, Europe and the world. Journal is DW-TVs up-to-the-minute news and current affairs program. Find out what's happening in Germany and Europe - the major political developments, the latest European stock market figures plus detailed background on one of the day's top stories. Journal brings you news 24 hours a day from the heart of Europe.

    What do the Germans think about the euro? How significant are the Berlin government's latest policy decisions? Where does European Union enlargement go from here? Journal gives you the news behind the news.

    Journal is clearly structured: Ten minutes of Journal / News followed by six minutes of Journal / Business with the latest from the financial markets, up-to-date information on economic developments in Germany and Europe and profiles of major German companies. Rounding off the half-hour, Journal / In Depth examines one of the day's big stories. Nine minutes of reports, interviews and expert analysis, In Depth is an in-depth look at a single issue in politics, business, sport or culture.

    Journal offers a comprehensive and up-to-date picture of events in Germany and Europe and reviews the issues that concern Europeans.

    Also, watch for the following shows from DW-TV

    Arts Unlimited.

    "Arts Unlimited", DW-TV's arts program. offers an eclectic look at cultural events in Germany - the best exhibitions, star-studded theatre or opera premieres and major arts festivals. Whether photography, modern architecture, the independent theatre scene or private galleries, the "Arts Unlimited" team keep viewers up to date on what's happening on the German arts scene. "Arts Unlimited" offers a lively and entertaining look at German culture and the arts.

    Tomorrow Today.

    "Tomorrow Today" is DW-TV's science show. Exciting, strongly visual and easy to follow, the show aims to reach everyone who is interested in research and development and the latest scientific breakthroughs in Europe. This is definitely not a show for experts only.

    "Tomorrow Today" brings you up-to-the-minute reports on the latest research projects going on in German and European laboratories and universities, the practical applications they could have and their consequences for ordinary people. In addition, we invite a wide range of expert guests into the studio to answer the big scientific questions. What are the limits of mobility? How old can future generations expect to become? What influence does the work environment have on productivity?

    "Tomorrow Today" brings you the people who are thinking ahead - future researchers, lateral thinkers, visionaries in a mixture of profiles, reports and studio interviews.

    Auto motor and Sport TV.

    Want to know more about the world of German and European automobiles? In "auto motor and sport TV" you can find out! "auto motor and sport TV" plunges you into the world of the automobile and examines the fascination of the motor vehicle. This program is all about the joy of driving, the passion of collecting, the fascination for technical details and the curiosity of inventiveness.

    "auto motor and sport TV" also profiles those extra special models. How about a souped-up Mercedes 5, a Lamborghini Countach or even the Stealth B6 (a GT formula one-type racer)? We're interested in showing you the whole technical and design range of the automobile industry. If you think the car is more than just a way to get around "auto motor and sport TV" can give you the insights you're looking for.

    People and Politics.

    German politics under the magnifying glass. Opinions and background reports on the government, the opposition and parliamentary developments. Analysis of the most important German domestic and foreign policy issues.

    "People and Politics" analyses the important political developments in Germany, examining the background issues and talking to politicians on every side. "People and Politics" monitors debate in the government and parliament, examines major German foreign policy concerns and assesses the impact of important international events on Germany.

    Last but not least, "People and Politics" does its bit to correct the widespread belief that Germans have no sense of humor by taking the occasional look at the lighter side of political life.

    European Journal.

    Direct from the DW-TV studio in Brussels, "European Journal" focuses on political and economic developments in the EU and the rest of Europe. "European Journal" brings you background analysis plus interviews with the experts and the people shaping events at the European level.

    "European Journal" is the DW-TV political magazine that delivers the inside take - the important political and economic developments in the EU and the rest of Europe. Around a dozen journalists working from Brussels travel regularly to the European capitals and hotspots to bring you the latest news and information.

    "European Journal" also examines how Germany's European neighbors deal with issues of particular concern in Germany - Spanish immigration policy, Dutch language integration programs, or how Norway, Italy and Denmark deal with right-wing radicalism. As well as on-the-spot reports, "European Journal" offers background analysis and profiles of the people and the regions in the news and the people making the decisions that affect the lives of Europeans.

    Access Sacramento is community media for Sacramento County
    providing equipment training and program playback on channels
    17 and 18 on the Comcast and Surewest cable systems.
    Our mission is to "Give voice to the thoughts, dreams, opinions
    and community events not otherwise seen or heard on
    commercial and public radio, television and
    other popular forms of electronic media."
    For more information, go to
    or call (916) 456-8600 #112

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  • "Media Edge" is a new magazine-format series that offers in-depth, thought-provoking, progressive viewpoints that are rarely, if ever, presented by local and national television stations today. Each weekly episode will include two hours of locally produced videos and nationally distributed documentaries and other works that will provide a needed alternative to the slanted opinions and so-called "news" shown on the Fox News Channel and its imitators.

    “Media Edge” will be telecast on four local cable channels in the Sacramento area, including:
    Access Sacramento cable channel 17 (Comcast, SureWest) -- Sundays, beginning April 3, 8-10 PM

  • Cable Radio and Television Production. Every year, thousands of Sacramento County residents come to our Coloma Community Center facilities to take classes, borrow production equipment, complete shows and cablecast their programs for, by and about our own Sacramento community and its concerns.

  • Radio Program Schedule Coming soon.......A quick reference schedule of our regular radio programs. Thanks for Listening!

  • Cable Radio and Television Cablecasting. Every year Sacramento County residents have an opportunity to view thousands of hours of local original programming on our two television channels and additional programming on our two cable radio stations. On television, a typical programming week includes 6% educational, 76% informational and 19% recreational content. A recent snapshot of programming technical quality indicated the following breakdown on channel 17 "Community Use" television, known as the "Sacramento Channel".

    Broadcast Quality...............................25.01%
    Above Average Access Quality.......64.28%
    Average Public Access Quality.......9.52%
    Below Average Access Quality.......1.19%

  • Training in radio, television and new media utilization. Since 1986 more than 15,000 Sacramentans have enrolled in classes at Access Sacramento. Access Sacramento has responded to a demonstrated need, developed the program out of its existing budget, and offers a full slate of twenty (20) classes to Sacramentans each quarter.

  • Successful cable television-based interactive community bulletin board in the county. Each year thousands of messages promoting the service-based events and efforts of hundreds of organizations are seen by millions of viewers.

Quality programming is the result of quality training and responsible local programmers. That is the secret behind Access Sacramento’s fame and success.

If Access Sacramento and its colleagues in the public access, education and government channels were a network, they would be the largest and most popular network in the world!

However, "large" and "popular" are not the two most important words that we would use to measure success in these endeavors.

For Access Sacramento, success is viewers seeing and hearing important and timely ideas, thoughts, sights and sounds...especially minority and other-than-English programs...that commercial and public television and radio don’t find economically viable.

At Access Sacramento, the value of a program lies in whether the diverse Sacramento County community is served by seeing and hearing the program, not in whether there are sponsors out there willing to underwrite the program!

Thousands of hours of unique and locally produced and provided programs are seen and heard each year. That is success.