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Sacramento Video Industry Professionals (SacVIPs) meet on the LAST Wednesday of the month at the Coloma Community Center.

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August 2017 - Special Guest - Paul Young

Lighting Tips & Techniques for your next shoot

Paul will be presenting on Sculting with light with an emphasis on outdoor lighting. He will bring videos and pictures of lighting work on sets he has done. Paul speaks the language of lighting, specular, highlight and shadow.

This presentation will be discussing gear, instruments, and techniques used in lighting exterior daylight situations. For time purposes we will be excluding powered devices like hmi's and battery powered leds. (However, we will be including an important phone app.)

This will be from a gaffer's perpective and how that role functions on set as well as interacts with the DP and director.

Paul and Todd setting up for shoot


Paul Young started in the business in 2012. He worked his way from Grip to Gaffer on to DP and finally Writer/Director. Providing commercial work since 2014. In 2015 he wrote and directed his first feature film: A Devil's Game. He is currently working on his second feature film script; A Necessary Evil

Join us on August 30, 2017 at 7:00PM (doors open at 6:30PM) at the Coloma Community Center (Auditorium), 4623 T Street, Sacramento, CA.

July 2017 - Special Guest - Mike Carroll

Go PRO as your A Camera


Many people think if the GoPro as a gimmick camera, a B-camera. Carroll thinks of it as an amazing tool and he has been exploring using the GoPro as his A-camera. Thinking of the incredibly powerful GoPro as a camera on par with Cinerama and Imax.

Carroll states that he would go for the GoPro. Carroll reluctantly joined the GoPro wave when his sister sent him one she was not using. Up to that point Carroll thought of them as toy cameras. Gimmick cameras. A camera for getting weird shots and for playing with. But once Carroll got his hands on one and saw the wide perspectives that could be achieved with it, Carroll started using it in his every day news shooting. Not for goofy angles or funky shots. Carroll started using the GoPro as an A-camera, for shooting all of his B-roll footage. Carroll has even shot a story using nothing but GoPro, and he is going to do more. Carroll views the GoPro as a revolutionary development in cameras. As involving as Imax. A camera that puts the eye of the viewer directly into a story. And a people's camera, because it is so affordable, there is no reason people who want to be filmmakers cannot afford to have one.

Carroll will bring his two GoPros and the GoPro gear he uses, and play clips from news stories that have aired on KCRA where  GoPro plays a role as the third-eye in storytelling.  



MIKE CARROLL is a TV news cameraman & contributing reporter at KCRA-3 TV News, where he has been since 1989. He is also a one-person/no-crew filmmaker of two feature-length independent films, and author of two books: Naked Filmmaking: How To Make A Feature-Length Film--Without A Crew--For $5,000 Or Less and Breaking Into TV News. He is currently working on his third book. For more information, please visit

Join us on July 26, 2017 at 7:00PM (doors open at 6:30PM) at the Coloma Community Center (Auditorium), 4623 T Street, Sacramento, CA.

Admission donation is $5. Come early and socialize with other Sacramento "Video Industry Professionals" (SacVIPs). 

Join us on the  LAST  WEDNESDAY of the month to listen and learn from our guest speakers.
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John Mahan brought this very interesting article to our attention:

News from Jim Tierney; Digital Anarchy.  When Jim spoke to the VIP’s in May, he mentioned additional FREE training and now, here it is! Time Lapse Tutorials As mentioned, there's some great new tutorials on creating time lapse videos. There's five in total and take about 45 minutes to go through completely. It takes you through my entire process of shooting time lapse from setting up the camera to stabilizing the images.

Part 1: Intro and Camera Setup

Part 2: RAW vs. JPEG
Part 3: What Makes a Good Time Lapse?
Part 4: Stabilizing 

Part 5: Deflickering the Images

Very interesting article - related to shooting with tricks in perspective Click Here or go to

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