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April 2016 - Guest - Jonathan Morken


Jonathan Morken, Producer of Marketing and Distribution, will be discussing indie film distribution in the digital age. Gone are the days of DVD and video stores, the market is over-saturated with content and video games have passed up the movie business as the king of entertainment spending. So how do you beat the odds and get your indie film to stand out?


Morken started working in Film and Television in 1997. Morken got my original training in live television production and educational programming. Living just outside the capital city of California there is a lot of government financed educational film and television work, that is where he spent his professional hours in the beginning. On the side Morken started directing short films and music videos.

 In 2006, Morken formed the distribution arm of his production company, Apprehensive Films. Since then, Morken distributed more than 50 feature films, produced two feature documentaries and two feature stand-up comedy specials. One of the main highlights of his catalog has been handling the multiple re-releases of Hardware Wars, the original Star Wars Parody from 1977.

 With the decline in the home video market over the last few years, Morken's goal has been to focus on just a few films and build their audience from the beginning. Gone are the days of vast catalogs of small indie films. Currently Morken is the PMD (Producer of Marketing and Distribution) on the feature film MAMABOY, which he has been building up their audience since before he started shooting. They just launched the teaser trailer a few weeks ago and have already broken a quarter million views across the different trailer channels.  

To see some of Jonathan's work got to his facebook page:

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