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August 2016 Special Guest - Bret Allen

The Camera in Motion

Bret Allen will be sharing the importance of moving the camera to give the illusion of a 3D space with a 2D medium; handheld, dollies, Steadicams, jibs and Shopping carts.

Bret will bring a smaller Steadicam (like) stabilizer, a homemade "table top" dolly, demonstrate how to "dance" with a handheld camera and discuss how to improvise dolly shots with what's availible; a blanket, office chair or a shopping cart. Bret will share some video examples of moving camera shots and discuss world peace.



Raised near Sacramento, California, Allen pursued a career in film and mastered the art of cinematography and production. Allen's nearly thirty year career has given him experience in almost every aspect of film, video and post production. Allen has worked with and learned from some of the most talented people in the industry. Allen's career spans features, episodes, national spots and "reality".

Among his skills as a cinematographer Allen is an accomplished STEADICAM, Crane, Jimmy Jib and Camera Operator in HD, 16 and 35mm film and video. With photographic skills in macro/micro, aerial and still photography.

Allen is a member of the Society of Camera Operators (S.O.C.)

Check out Bret Allen's website at 

Bret's IMDB info

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John Mahan brought this very interesting article to our attention:

News from Jim Tierney; Digital Anarchy.  When Jim spoke to the VIP’s in May, he mentioned additional FREE training and now, here it is! Time Lapse Tutorials As mentioned, there's some great new tutorials on creating time lapse videos. There's five in total and take about 45 minutes to go through completely. It takes you through my entire process of shooting time lapse from setting up the camera to stabilizing the images.

Part 1: Intro and Camera Setup

Part 2: RAW vs. JPEG
Part 3: What Makes a Good Time Lapse?
Part 4: Stabilizing 

Part 5: Deflickering the Images

Very interesting article - related to shooting with tricks in perspective Click Here or go to

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