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Local artist(s) of Sacramento.......

  • Esteban Villa, born August 3, 1930, in Tulare, California, is a nationally recognized artist and muralist. He can also be found performing as a singer and guitarist.
    He is a founding member of the Royal Chicano Air Force, a collective of artists, professors and students, which was formed amid the Chicano Movement's push for social and political rights.

    Some of Villa's most recognized works and exhibitions have included "La Super Chicana", "La Arte Cosmica de Esteban Villa", "Los Olvidados" (the homeless), "Menudo Eaters", "Portraits", and murals at Southside Park, The Underpass to Old Sac., Macy's Parking Lot (downtown Sac.).

    Villa was involved in the planning of a mural developed by schoolchildren, Freeport Elementary School and SMAC on the Freeport Elementary School site in the Spring of 1995.

    He presently continues to paint and draw daily. His work continues to show several times each year throughout California.

    Villa can be reached by e-mail at

  • Jesus Barela - Local Artist
    Jesus Barela - Local Artist

    Jesus Barela has been painting since high school, Dixon High, where he painted two murals. He then earned his Bachelors degree at California State University Sacramento (CSUS). During his tenure as a college student he was commissioned by CSUS to design the posters for the college plays.
    His work has been shown at La Raza Galeria Posada and the Witt gallery.
    Barela is influenced by Dali, Orozco, Siquieros and Picasso. Barela is drawn toward abstract movement and action painting.
    Barela is resourceful in that he will incorporate different mediums in his work as well as using experimental techniques. When asked about his experimental techniques, Barela stated, " when you are driven to create, you use whatever medium is available to you to bring the work to life."
    You can contact Jesus Barela at:

  • Biography-Judy LewLoose
    For me, the love of artistic expression took root early in life, and I have followed its leading ever since.

    Equipped with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Communications, Design from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, I make my living as a Graphic Designer. That is my vocation. It offers variety that tests my skills and encourages my creativity.

    My avocation is fine art; helped along by the wonderful training I received at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, where I studied drawing and painting. Over the years I have been gratified to see my watercolor paintings displayed in various galleries throughout Northern California, and featured on the covers of Inside Publications, an upscale family of community newspapers in Sacramento, CA. Best of Shows and Awards of Excellence have followed, of which I am truly honored.

    There is no perfection in the world, except perhaps in love. Love is expressed in my works, capturing a moment in time, and giving it enduring life. What you see in the watercolors is more than color, perspective, shadow and light. These ingredients merely give substance to the beauty that I see, and the passion that I feel.

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts about my work.

    Contact Info
    Judy LewLoose

  • Keith Bachmann--Local Artist
    Keith Bachmann--Local Artist

    Keith Bachmann has studied with well known artist such as Greg Kondos, Larry Weldon and Rose Danis. His craft has also been guided by the advice and criticism from Wayne Thieband. We at Access Sacramento are proud to feature Keith's paintings on Channel 17/18. They are also on display from time to time in the display cases of the Coloma Community Center. Keith's dedication and love for painting is truely inspirational. See a awesome sample of Keith's work weekly on our show "LiveWire" (Live Wednesdays at 5pm).

    To contact Keith:

  • Kristen Hoard started her journey into metal sculpture at The Crucible, an industrial arts teaching facility in Berkeley, California.

    "My journey into artistry has been in parallel with my spiritual journey. And, I believe these two things are inseparably linked in numerous ways. The feeling I get from working with metal and all the processes involved is all consuming. There is great sensuality in working within this genre, because visually, heat brings out differing colors, shapes and textures that transform simple object into art."

    "My work has been greatly influenced by Pablo Picasso and Alexandra Nechita along with a host of other artists I admire. I enjoy creating images that are playful and fun and whimsical. With some of the found object pieces, I simply allow the various shapes to take form and create an image on their own. I think some of my best pieces have been created from scrap metal."

    "I suppose, if I had to cite a philosophy behind my work, I would say the power is in expelling negative physical energies, letting that flow out, into and then away from the work, with the ultimate result being a positive piece that has made it's journey into existence, much like we all have."

    -- Kristen Hoard

    To Contact Kristen:

  • Sherri Winward-Local Artist
    Sherri Winward-Local Artist

    My interest in photography started in middle school. We had learned how to take pictures using a shoe box. I have been hooked ever since. I enjoy taking photos outdoors, whether it be a place, person, or animal, because I like to work with natural light.
    My main goal is to "capture the moment" in photographs, to show the beauty of this world we live in and the spirit of the people who live here. My work is inspired by William Albert Allard and Ansel Adams."

    Contact at: