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On behalf of the Access Sacramento Board of Directors, the staff, and our thousands of volunteers over the years, I invite you to join our efforts, improving communication in our local community, “one voice at a time.” As a non-commercial, non-profit organization, our community television, radio and Internet programming reflects the unique diversity found in Sacramento County. The more we know about each other, the greater empathy and mutual tolerance we will all enjoy.

Viewers of Access Sacramento channels 17 and 18 experience unique entertainment, challenging points of-view, varied religious beliefs, diverse political opinions, and cultures and languages different from what you will see and hear on most commercial channels. Here at Access Sacramento we are different and proud of our role as the local “alternative” to typical television channels whose goal is simply to sell commercial time, make a profit, and draw the largest audience. We invite you to join us—to bring your unique voice to our channels. Meet your neighbors at Access Sacramento by taking a class, creating a program, volunteering to help a group production effort or by simply watching your community channels.

Each individual has a lifetime of stories and a unique style of expression. Is your voice reflected on commercial television and radio? If not, welcome to Access Sacramento, “giving voice to the thoughts, dreams, opinions and community events not otherwise seen or heard on commercial and public radio, television, and other popular forms of media.”

If you cannot find the answers to your questions or concerns on our website, please call me at (916) 456-8600 Ext. 100. If I can’t help you I will certainly try to point you in the right direction. Here at Access Sacramento we look forward to meeting you and introducing you to many new neighbors and friends; helping you to hear their voices, and helping you to share your own voice in its unique way. We’re here to help. Come join us—because you are welcome here.

Donna Girot, Executive Director