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  • League of Women Voters - LWV
  • Sacramento County Animal Care & Regulation - SAC
  • American Red Cross - ARC


Access Sacramento is proud to provide a Linked Learning opportunity for high school media production classes in Sacramento County. Students are given an opportunity to create a public service announcement for a local nonprofit or governmental agency. These organizations will then select as many of the PSAs as they like for cablecast on Access Sacramento.  Selected PSAs will receive an Award of Excellence certificate from Access Sacramento. Access Sacramento will judge all of those selected and award cash prizes to the top three.    

PURPOSE: This is an opportunity to provide video production and animation students real-world experience in creating public service announcements for real clients. High School students will develop 30- second video to communicate information requested by a client. Client selected PSAs will air on Access Sacramento and will be used as part of the clients’ social media outreach and/or website use. Selected clients are local nonprofit and governmental agencies. They have provided the core information that they want in the PSAs.


This project is open to any student enrolled in an animation or video production class in a high school located in Sacramento County.                                           


(Sacramento County Media Teachers)

  1. Respond to invitation to participate by October 16, 2018
  2. Introduce PSA unit to students. (Start no later than the first week of January 2018.)
  3. Students can work individually or in groups of up to three receiving “producer” credit.
  4. Collect the Talent Release from each person appearing in the video and the Project Forms from the producers.
  5. Either the teacher or the students can upload the video files to YouTube. See that YouTube links of each video submitted for consideration and judging are sent to the coordinator by February 16, 2018.


  1. Select an organization. Read the content criteria carefully and develop a creative production that meets the client’s needs
  2. This can be done as an individual project or as part of producer group of up to three. You can include as many people as you need on screen.
  3. Make sure the PSA is exactly 30 seconds long. Do not include credits.
  4. Give your PSA a unique name (not just “American Red Cross PSA”). The title does not need to appear in the actual PSA, it is just for reference.
  5. Complete the Project Release Form.  Obtain all needed signatures. 
  6. Submit the PSA by the deadline set by your teacher. (No later than January 30, 2018.)
  7. Make sure Talent Release Form is signed by everyone who appears on camera
  8. Make sure the Project Release Form is completed with all needed signatures.  
  9. Export the file as HD, if it was shot that way.
  10. Name the exported file with the client name, one producer’s last name and the high school you are from.  Use the following client abbreviations:   LWV          SAC        ARC
    1. Examples: LWV_Smith_Franklin.mp4
    2. SAC_Martinez_Center.m4v
  11. Make sure your PSA is uploaded to YouTube.  Either your teacher will do this or your teacher will ask you to do it and provide the link.  Include the credits in the details field on YouTube. 


If you include any copyrighted materials, your entry MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY PERMISSION WAIVERS or Creative Commons Licensing obtained from their sources. All video, photos, and music must be original OR proof of permission to use the copyrighted elements must be provided. Videos that contain unauthorized copyrighted elements will be disqualified.  Note: You are permitted and expected to use the client’s logo.  


If you use music under a Creative Commons license, you may credit the music in very small type for a few frames at the bottom of the screen within the final moments of your PSA.  Additionally, you may also credit it within the PSA’s YouTube description.



Student producers must obtain release forms for any minors or adults appearing in the production. The forms are not collected by Access Sacramento, but the sponsoring teacher must confirm that the forms are on file. Up to three producer names can be listed on a project.


 - February 16, 2018: YouTube links of videos submitted for consideration are sent to the coordinator.

 - March 08, 2018: Access Sacramento selects winners, prints and mails certificates and student checks to appropriate schools. Release news bulletin about results.

 - March - April: Access Sacramento live TV appearance on LiveWire! for the top 3 winners.


  • Message Effectiveness:  (Message aligned with client’s needs; evokes a response in the viewer.) 40%
  • Creativity:  (Idea or approach is fresh) 20%
  • Aesthetics: (Attention to composition, lighting) 20%
  • Sound: (Narration and/or dialog is clear; Music (if any) set the appropriate emotional response; Audio levels are appropriate) 20%; Music, if any, is used legally.

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A printed Certificate of Excellence for each of the filmmakers of the PSAs recommended for cablecast on Access Sacramento. (This selection is made by the clients.)

Access Sacramento staff will judge those selected and make the following awards:

  • 1st Place - $100.00
  • 2nd Place - $50.00
  • 3rd Place - $25.00
  • Award of Excellence – A special certificate for every client-selected project.

The top three award winners will be invited to appear on the local cable television show LiveWire! to talk about their projects.

2017-2018 CLIENTS/Topics

(Full Details by clicking on any of the below CLIENT images to learn more about the non-profit or government agency and their websites):

CLICK HERE to get the information on the 2017-2018 Clients/Topics

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can a student enter more than one video?
Answer: Yes, but any addition entries must be for a separate client.  In other words, don’t make two videos for the same client. 

Question: Can I contact the client and ask questions about my PSA idea. 
Answer: No. Because of the number of students participating we do not want to burden them with inquiries.  The materials on this website should give you a clear idea of want the client wants.  If you need additional directions, ask your teacher. 

Question: Is the PSA running time flexible?
Answer: No.  It must be exactly 30 seconds including a fade in/out.

Question:  Do I put credits on it?
Answer:  No.  Like commercials, PSAs do not feature credits. 

Question: Can I put my favorite pop song in my PSA. 
Answer: No. You must follow the copyright law.  Any music or sound effects must be used properly licensed. 

Question:  I still have questions.
Answer:  Students with additional questions should ask their teacher.  Teachers with questions can contact PSA Project coordinator Brad Clark at bnclark (at sign) or Gary Martin, Executive Director, Access Sacramento at