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Help honor Front Street Animal Shelter Manager Gina Knepp as Access Sacramento's 6th annual "Power of Voice" award winner.

Access Sacramento’s Power of Voice Award recognizes an individual who has expanded the “voice” for residents of Sacramento County. Through their actions and active participation, the community of under-represented and unheard residents have benefited from an increased opportunity to have their thoughts, ideas and opinions heard by a broader audience. This award recognizes the humanitarian spirit of an individual through whom the overall community is improved by their support of the spirit of Free Speech and democracy where all opinions are valued.

Gina Knepp has been an outspoken advocate for changing the image of public animal shelters and setting cutting edge trends that change the public's perception on how to save for lives of those animals that come into a public animal shelter. The collaborations that Gina and her team have made helped to increase the success rate in finding home for pets from a dismal 19% to more than 87% and it continues to grow.

As an out spoken advocate on animal welfare and community involvement, Gina has helped Front Street Animal Shelter to become the Regional Leader in Sheltering. Outreach includes the "Shelter Life" program on Access Sacramento, plus extensvie use of social media and community events to get the word out. "Shelter Life" is a local volunteer-produced show that showcases the efforts and collaborations that Front Street uses to help save more lives of the 11,000 animals that come into it its care each year.

Knepp's service with the City of Sacramento also includes work at the emergency 911 dispatch cener and the creation of the general services 311 information center.

Gine Knepp is a perfect example of how the power of voice can change perspectives, involve and educate the community we serve.

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