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Basics of Digital Camera/Editing

Wednesday, January 29, 2020
6:00 pm9:00 pm
4623 T Street, Suite A Sacramento CA 95819
Basics of Digital Camera/Editing

Want to learn how to record and edit stories on location throughout Sacramento County? This workshop
teaches you how to shoot high-definition video with quality audio and then computer edit final television programs
together using Appleā€™s Final Cut Pro software. The first four sessions focus on the use of the camera, the second
four sessions focus on how to edit. Once completed, you may be certified to check-out/reserve our cameras and
editing workstations. The camera classes include location lighting, professional video/audio recording
techniques and safe use of the cameras to capture quality video. We complete the final four sessions by learning
the steps required for non-linear video editing. Here we address media clip organization, editing techniques,
reviewing and selecting footage, digital media (CD music, voiceovers, digital image files, etc.), and copyright
information along with burning the final production. Maximum 6