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2019 - 2020: High School - Public Service Announcement Winners

Students developed PSAs for their mock client and program sponsor, the Sacramento Area Sewer District (SASD) and Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District (Regional San). To develop their PSAs, students could choose from multiple topics aimed at teaching people in the Sacramento region how they can help keep the sewers flowing smoothly and protect our local waterways. PSAs were produced in either the live-action or animated category, and more than $2,000 in cash prizes was awarded to 10 winning students and four teachers.

Live Action Public Service Announcement Award Winners

The first place live-action public service announcement was produced by Paolo Garcia of Franklin High School in Elk Grove. The video called "The FOG Must be Stopped" instructs about the importance of keeping Fats, Oils and Greases (FOG) out of the drains.

The second-place live-action PSA "Wipes Don't Break Down" was produced by Luis Pogemiller of Franklin High School.



The third place live-action PSA "We are Fortunate" was produced by Haley Christiansen of Franklin High School.


Animation Public Service Announcement Award Winners

The first place animated PSA from Adeli Burdeinii of Franklin School "Animated Reaction" video reminds viewers to not flush expired medications down the drain and to dispose of prescription and over-the-counter medicines properly.


The second-place animated PSA "Pipe Man" was produced by Nicoli Burdeinii of Franklin High School.


The third-place animated public service announcement comes from New Technology High School of Sacramento. The video by Alex Biondo and Victor Tovar called "FOG Free Drains" addresses the message of avoiding fats, oils and greases (FOG) in the drains.


Honorable Mention - Certificate were awarded to the following students for their videos

Calvin Wong from Franklin High School with "Flushing Down" live action video.


Live action video submitted, "No Wipes in the Pipes" by Katie Nguyen of Franklin High School.


"Stop the Clog" by Aasha Walia of Franklin High School - live action video.



Animation submission called "Trash the Wipes" by Nathan Vaiz and Isaias Gomez of New Technology High School.


Award of Merit Recipients

Certificates of Merit are also awarded by Access Sacramento and the sponsoring agencies to the student projects that  closely aligned with the messages requested.


Producer: Nathan Realin from Franklin High School
PSA Title:  "Not Really Flushable" Live action


Producer: Annie Nguyen of Franklin High School
PSA Title: "What To Do with Wipes" Live action


Producer: Damien Orozco from Franklin High School
PSA Title: "Properly Dispose of Medicine" Live action


Producer: Laura Morris from Franklin High School
PSA Title: "Responsible, Disposal of Meds" Live action


Producer: Armando Lewall from Franklin High School 
PSA Title: "No Wipes Down the Pipes" Live action />


Producer: Tavleen Kaur from Franklin High School
PSA Title: "Never Flush your meds" Live action


Producer: Luis Barragan from Christian Brothers High School
PSA Name: "Hey! What are you Doing?" Live action


Producers: Kenneth Ortiguesa, Emily Wall and Brooke Patterson from Christian Brothers High School
PSA Title: "Flushing your Meds? No Way!" Live action


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For more information:

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Executive Director
Access Sacramento
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Nicole Coleman
Public Affairs Manager
Sacramento Area Sewer District & Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District
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