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To: Friends of Access Sacramento and Community Media
From: Access Sacramento Board of Directors
Re: Express Your Community Pride with a “Hometown TV” Production Grant

Access Sacramento receives annual grant funding from the Sacramento Metropolitan Cable Television Commission to create 25 community events and Hometown TV programs for non-profit organizations throughout the county of Sacramento. This funding covers personnel costs of Access Sacramento for pre and post production work, and multiple-camera, switched programming for 25 separate community affairs, such as a musical performance, youth sports activity, important public hearings, community celebrations and parades, to name a few examples.

Averaging two to four Hometown TV programs per month, Access Sacramento staff works with community leaders throughout Sacramento County who designate events and submit applications for production services and airing over our cable TV Channels 17 and 18. The trained truck or “Studio-in-a- Suitcase” crews number 5-12 people for each taping, depending upon complexity of the event. Events, occurring indoors or outdoors, are recorded and then cablecast in their entirety. Please note that programs selected for HomeTown TV are not “documentaries” (shot with a single camera with later editing). They are community activities offered in their entirety to viewers to experience as though they had attended themselves.

If you are involved with an organization sponsoring a community event and meets our production service criteria (see application), have your event organizer complete the attached application and mail or fax it to Access Sacramento ASAP, even if it is scheduled months in the future. We ask that applications be submitted at least 45-60 days in advance.

We are sure you can identify many diverse and enjoyable happenings that represent our remarkable region. Hometown TV will document and share the best of Sacramento County events with 265,000 cable TV viewing households. Sponsoring organizations that are selected by Access Sacramento for a Hometown TV program will also receive one complimentary DVD of the event. If further copies are needed, Access Sac can make these arrangements. Thanks for your interest in Access Sacramento.

Access Sacramento, Coloma Community Center
4623 T St. Sacramento, CA. 95819 (916) 456-8600 #100 (916) 451-9601 (fax)

NOTE: While we attempt to respond to all Hometown TV requests, there is no guarantee of selection, given the numerous applications we receive. Access Sacramento will consider all requests carefully and make decisions based on application details and availability of production resources. If selected, organizers shall “recognize” Access Sacramento as a major underwriter of the event and include Access Sacramento in all promotional opportunities. In order to extend our services across many Sacramento County communities, our policies dictate no more than one Hometown TV event per organization may be selected during the year. For similar reasons, annual events - those submitted for Hometown TV for the same event by the same organization each year - will be considered only with special arrangements and
associated fees as approved by the Access Sacramento Programming Committee. Such decisions by the Programming Committee or its designee are final.