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New Series Requirement

I. Membership. You must be a county resident and a current member of Access Sacramento.
Your membership must remain current through the length of the series contract (normally four

II. Statement of Compliance. You must have read the Access Sacramento “Operating Rules
And Procedures”, and signed a “Statement of Compliance” which acknowledges your agreement
with the rules and procedures, which can found at

III. Four Episodes – of a proposed series must be played on an Access Sacramento channel.


It usually takes 2-3 business days for the Programming
Director to determine a consistent timeslot. When they are submitted, you must state your
intention to seek a series commitment. A one hour program should not exceed 58:30
minutes; A half-hour program should not exceed 28:30 minutes.

IV. Series Application. After four episodes have been played satisfactorily, the Programming
Director will submit an application for a series contract to the Programming Committee of the Board
of Directors of Access Sacramento, on your behalf, at their next monthly meeting.
It is at this point that the series fee will be due.

V. Basic Series Program Content. All programs submitted for playback on a series contract
must be new episodes, never played before on Access Sacramento. The programs are due into
the office two business days prior to broadcast. A series may be approved for slightly variable
lengths, but should be consistent over the series contract period.

VI. Playback Request Forms. All programs submitted for playback must be accompanied
by a completed and signed Playback Request Form. This completed form is vital, as it contains
information on every program. The person whose name appears on the contract must sign the form
each time. No photocopy or fax signatures will be accepted. The Playback Request Form is
acknowledgement of responsibility for each program and the contents therein.

Do not submit shows unless they are ready for cablecast! Shows pulled back by the provider for
changes will be removed from the schedule and are subject to the advance two business day
deadline when resubmitted.

VII. Program Submission. It is acceptable to have someone else, other than the producer/provider
bring in the programs. However, the Playback Request Form that is submitted with each piece of
media (mini-DV or DVD), must be signed by the producer/provider whose name appears on the
series contract. The producer/provider can authorize anyone to retrieve the program(s) after

VIII. Titles. The series title should always be filled in on the first line of the Playback Request Form
to identify the series. Episodes should be clearly and uniquely identified in some way on the
second line to allow for identification of each program in a series.

IX. Content Storage. Up to two months of programming can be dropped off at the Programming
Department, awaiting playback at a later date. Producer/providers are expected to retrieve their
program(s) after playback.