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I raise funds for Access Sacramento because I believe in ACTIVELY being the change I want to see on TV.  While Hollywood is slowly changing its ways, Public Access Stations like Access Sacramento have been leading the way in Equity, Diversity, and Originality in locally produced stories for over 30 years.

Access Sac offers low-cost media classes and workshops, access to a media lending library, a TV studio, Radio studios, and field equipment so the community can produce shows that are important to them. We also provide a local media distribution network that includes local cable television, radio and internet outlets that are not available to the community through commercial mass media.

I am happy to safeguard your freedom of artistic expression here in Sacramento County, and beyond.

You can support my efforts right now!

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When you donate to Access Sacramento, you are telling the community that you care about freedom of expression without commodification or commercialism.  By enabling local content creators to freely express themselves without fear of commercial interests or tracking of their posting habits, you are allowing artists to offer critical comment about our standing institutions.  Visual story-telling is the backbone of our Democracy and by providing the means and the platform for any citizen to offer their perspective, we are keeping commercial, special interest voices in check.

When You donate, YOU are creating a pathway from high schools to careers with Hands-on CTE training offered at a ridiculously low price so that anyone in our community can become a Broadcast Journalist, Sports Announcer, TV Producer, Show Runner, Camera Operator, Creative Writer, and so much more without having to enroll in college and go into thousands of dollars of debt.

Our Mission

Access Sacramento lifts all voices by providing media education and local media platforms to engage the community in public dialogue and showcase creative expression.

Core Values

Access Sacramento's community empowerment mission is based on our inclusive core values.


We value inclusion which is why we provide media training and media distribution channels to the community in order to give access to those who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized for lack of resources.


We celebrate and encourage originality. It is this independent, unique, creative thought when shared with others  enriches our community.


We value diversity. We promote intercultural information and dialog in order to promote social empathy and to bring about a variety of ideas and solutions to communal problems, which better strengthens the community.


We value our locality, one of the most diverse counties in the country. We uplift our neighbors by capturing and archiving their creativity, their views and their actions on local media. We protect speech locally by providing free speech cable and internet distribution platforms for the community to use.

I wonder what's going to happen to Steve?  Do YOU have a short script ready to compete in the "A Place Called Sacramento" script contest?  Enter now through March 14.  The winning scripts will then become short films that premiere at the Crest in October!
Don't forget Studio Lighting is coming up!  Register NOW By calling our main office at 916-456-8600
We understand that it's hard to even find a comfort zone these days, but if you submit your short screenplay by March 14th, we promise that you can take comfort in knowing you did your best to make your dream of "becoming a PCS filmmaker" come true.  #PCS  #shorts #Screenplay #competition
LOLZ... who even has a typewriter anymore?  Grab that word processor, laptop, 486, cell phone, whatever weirdo tech you like and get those 10 pages done! A Place Called Sacramento Script competition is on NOW!  Submit here:
Happy Saturday! Do you have a short script just eating a hole in your brain?  Why not enter it in the Script contest for "A Place Called Sacramento"? Go from dreamer to filmmaker on the red carpet at the Crest Theater!  Submit scripts now through March14th.
Don't forget about the Summit!  We have lots to discuss and the Film Festival Guide is here in circulation, thanks to Sacramento Film + Media for sponsoring it and making it possible!
It's Lincoln vs McClatchy as we continue Playoffs TONIGHT! Tip off is at 7pm on ch 17 STREAM IT HERE:
Tomorrow:  Playoffs continue!  Lincoln takes on McClatchy Girls.  Stream Here: