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DigiEffects CineGrain is a great collection of Real Film Scans that you can overlay on to your footage and make your digital video look like film. You can find out more about thdie sale and CineGrain by going to our site here: Along with this update we are offering Upgrade prices for v1 customers, but the update is free to all v2 customers!  This new update now includes FCPX & Motion 5 Compatibility for Damage and Delirium Phenomena, as well as provides full support for CS5.5! Get more info on pricing and features.

Digieffects announces Digieffects “Megasuite” software for $499.

  • Includes: Buena Depth Cue /Delirium v2 (/Damage v2)/
  • Delirium v2 - Multi-functional toolbox with 45 re-engineered effects for After Effects
  • DamageV2- Damage is a collection of four effects plug-ins designed for post production professionals who want to create an extensive variety of digital and/or analog defects/errors in your footage.

Buena Depth CueV2 - A set of plug-ins that adds realistic depth effects to 3D layers in After Effects

New from Digieffects! “Create depth maps on the fly or ‘pre-compose depth’ to give your Lens Blur even more power. While depth may be a simple plug-in for After Effects, it can be a big time saver for anyone trying to make a depth map. The plugin can accomplish in one click what a person could spend hours on, and will do so with greater accuracy. So if you’re looking to add depth of field in post--Depth is a great addition to your toolkit.”