Past Festivals & Guests


A Place Called Sacramento

The Builder of Sacramento - by Jill Safran, Henry Chiu and Frank Casanova
One Hmong's Pride - by Patong Yang and Jan Zacharias
One Thousand - by Jerry Montoya and CRCTV
A Life in Sacramento (Golden Years) - by Joseph Mendoza Jr.
When Opportunity Knocks - by Jeri Weiss & Rusty Nelson
Sac Noi - Jeri Weiss & Matt Perry
Sacramento Youth Ballet at Work - by Sonja Bardin and Terry Toller
Memorial - by Ryan McKinney
Our House: La Raza Galeria Moves - by Geroge Singh and Jorge Monzon


Tower of Youth day.
The Debut - by Gene Cajayon
Diresity Panel - "The Color of Money"
Conspiracy - by Frank Pierson
Industrial Light and Magic - "Behind the Magic", Greg Hyman, David Manos Morris
Anacardium - by Scott Thomas
Pola's March - by Johnathan Gruber
Roof to Foof - by Ara Corbett
The Silence of Cricket Coogler - by Charlie Cullen
Artifacts - by Jon Zeiderman
Making Something Up - by Paul Kinney
George Washington - by David Gordon Green
The Retrievers


Sweet Tooth - by Karen Sandler & Frank Cassanova
Fish Out of Water - by Micheal Dryhurst
Swinger - by Mitchell Welch
Cleave - by Hollie Lavenstein
The Secret Company - by Greg Hyman
Who Makes Your Reality? - by Chad Simmons
Lincoln and 31st
Talk, Listen, Door.