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Access Sacramento is proud to announce Internet Streaming audio provided as a community service. Just click on the "THE VOICE" link above and you'll hear local community radio from Sacramento in real time.

Sacramento's Community Radio 'The VOICE' comes to you from the studios of Access Sacramento at the Coloma Community Center. We are radio the way it was meant to be: free form, free speech.

We feature programming ranging from Alternative News, Talk and just about every format of Music. The Voice of Sacramento is Non Commercial, Free form, Volunteer produced Radio. If you do not hear what you are looking for, find out how you can do your own program by calling (916) 456-8600 ext 0.

You can have your own show on The Voice.

Download and view our current radio schedule.

Radio Production Studio 02

Hear The Voice Sacramento's Community Voice through the Internet. You can also listen via 96.5 FM or just tune to cable TV Channel 17 or 18 and press your MTS/Audio/SAP button.

Radio Production Studio 01

Download and view the current reservation grid. Call (916) 456-8600 ext. 0 to make radio studio reservations.

Through the use of the "Secondary Audio Programming" feature of current Stereo TVs, you can listen to our radio stations 24 hours per day. On some TVs and/or VCRs it is as simple as pushing the button marked "SAP", on others you may need to go to the 'Audio' section of the setup menus.

You can continue to listen to 'the VOICE' as the audio content of our Community Bulletin board on channel 17 and 18.

Learn about our Radio Producers & Programs check out our "Program Schedules" section.