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Access Sacramento is a non-profit organization created to help YOU, the residents, groups and non-profit organizations of Sacramento County, produce non-commercial TV and radio programs.

Below is a "Community Producer" membership form. By filling out this form and returning to us with appropriate fees, i.d. and proof of residency, you will be entitled to take workshops, use our equipment and submit shows for playback over our channels (17 and 18 on Comcast/Surewest, Sacramento Cable).


Call us at:
916-456-8600 EXT 0

  • Member Benefits Include: Training Workshops and Seminars in Video/Audio Production and new media at a minimal fee, Equipment use Privileges, Program Provider Privileges, Networking Opportunities to Volunteer on Television Productions and Invitations to Serve on the Board of Directors.

  • Orientation required for all members.
    New members must come in to the office to complete application process for membership.
    Membership required to take workshops.

  • Most benefits mirror those of adult members listed above. Teens are required to have a parent and/or legal guardian as responsible to sign all contracts and support teen in activities as per Access Sacramento by laws.

  • Teen membership required for those under 18 years of age. Adult signature and presence required as well.