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Below is a list of Local program Producers who have submitted information about their show. If you are one of our Television Show Producers and would like to add your show and website to the list please forward the information to Programming Director (TD Trice) at the following email address: with the subject line of "Program information" (other information about your program to include is day/time, picture and brief description).

ATTENTION: Please note that we are not responsible and do not control information on the show web sites. Show Producer is responsible for content as outlined in our Rules and Regulations. We hope this helps you not miss your favorite program.

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  • Our Local Neighborhood News Bureau and Blog Site.

  • Burts TV series "Ancient Wisdom for the 21st Century" is now in its 10th year on Access Sacramento and has gained a wide viewership in the area among those interested in metaphysics and alternative belief systems. Watch "Ancient Wisdom for the 21st Century" on Comcast Channel 17 every Thursday at 9:00pm. (REPEATS: Fridays at 1:00 PM, Saturdays at 5:00 AM) Also Burt Wilson is the author of seven books including Ancient Wisdom for the 21st Century, a companion book to his TV series.

  • Watch "Capital Chaos" the 1st through 4th Friday nights at Midnight on Channel 18

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  • Watch "LiveWire! on Channel 17 Wednesday at 5pm and Encore! performance on Thursday at 7:30pm.
    To be on the show or ideas for LiveWire send an email to: or go to Facebook

  • Watch "Mental Health Matters!" the 1st Saturday at 7:00pm

  • Watch on Tuesday evenings at 8:30 pm on Channel 18
    Is your life spiraling out of control. Maybe you feel alone…the journey is too big…you need help! “Move YOUR Mountains” is dedicated to help you with those mountains (obstacles) in your life. Join me weekly for that “spiritual” boost—I will help you on your journey.

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