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The Sacramento Community Cable Foundation, also known as Access Sacramento, is a local non-profit public access media center that serves the communities of Sacramento County.

Access Sac offers low-cost media classes and workshops that train essential media skills that can translate into employment opportunities. Access Sac provides access to a media lending library, a TV studio, radio studios and field equipment so the community can produce shows that are important to them. We also provide a local media distribution network that includes local cable television, radio and internet outlets that are not available to the community through commercial mass media. We are happy to safeguard your freedom of speech here in our beloved Sacramento County, CA. Our core values and mission statement are below.

Our Mission

Access Sacramento lifts all voices by providing media education and local media platforms to engage the community in public dialogue and showcase creative expression.

Core Values

Access Sacramento's community empowerment mission is based on our inclusive core values.


We value inclusion which is why we provide media training and media distribution channels to the community in order to give access to those who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized for lack of resources.


We celebrate and encourage originality. It is this independent, unique, creative thought when shared with others  enriches our community.


We value diversity. We promote intercultural information and dialog in order to promote social empathy and to bring about a variety of ideas and solutions to communal problems, which better strengthens the community.


We value our locality, one of the most diverse counties in the country. We uplift our neighbors by capturing and archiving their creativity, their views and their actions on local media. We protect speech locally by providing free speech cable and internet distribution platforms for the community to use.

More #Capcut for desktop experimentation.  This vid is from the #pigbowl2023 Just some BTS, Pregame, Kids Area, and action shots from Christina Marie  @cmfilmmaker .  The desktop version doesn't seem to have all the fun presets/templates that the cellular has.  We will to see if there is a patch for that.  What do YOU use for photo-dumps?
Are a night owl that loves footy-football?  Tune in at 4am this a.m. to see the Fire Dogs and the Law Hogs duke it out!  #PD vs #FD
Catch the Nooner on Channel 17!  The 49th Annual Pig Bowl with all of the action is at NOON today. #football #firefighter #cops
Did you miss the LIVE action of Guns vs Hoses?? We got your back! Check out the game at 8pm.  #football #hughesstadium
Setting up for Pig Bowl and these guys showed up!  #gunsvshoses
TIME IS RUNNING OUT!! Are YOU registered?  Call Laureen now. #screenplay #script
Tiger loves his special FX.  He also loves to Act.  He also loves to do his own stunts.  He also loves to Direct.  He also loves to be Craft Services. He also love to DP.  Tiger realizes he has a problem.  Access Sac can help. Get the tools/resources/team you need to make your short a reality. #indie