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The Sacramento Community Cable Foundation, also known as Access Sacramento, is a local non-profit public access media center that serves the communities of Sacramento County.

Access Sac offers low-cost media classes and workshops that train essential media skills that can translate into employment opportunities. Access Sac provides access to a media lending library, a TV studio, radio studios and field equipment so the community can produce shows that are important to them. We also provide a local media distribution network that includes local cable television, radio and internet outlets that are not available to the community through commercial mass media. We are happy to safeguard your freedom of speech here in our beloved Sacramento County, CA. Our core values and mission statement are below.

Our Mission

Access Sacramento lifts all voices by providing media education and local media platforms to engage the community in public dialogue and showcase creative expression.

Core Values

Access Sacramento's community empowerment mission is based on our inclusive core values.


We value inclusion which is why we provide media training and media distribution channels to the community in order to give access to those who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized for lack of resources.


We celebrate and encourage originality. It is this independent, unique, creative thought when shared with others  enriches our community.


We value diversity. We promote intercultural information and dialog in order to promote social empathy and to bring about a variety of ideas and solutions to communal problems, which better strengthens the community.


We value our locality, one of the most diverse counties in the country. We uplift our neighbors by capturing and archiving their creativity, their views and their actions on local media. We protect speech locally by providing free speech cable and internet distribution platforms for the community to use.

Register NOW for the upcoming Truck Production Class!  Learn all aspects of producing a "Game of the Week" or other Community shoot.  Build Media Skills and make new friends.  Call Laureen in the office.
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Happy Mother's Day Weekend!
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It's TOMORROW!  Got those head shots and resumes ready?  See who the winners are on the website and come on out to make 10 shorts from 10 winning scripts!
How to Make a Good Podcast Advanced Podcasting Workshop With Johnny Flores

Join podcast expert Johnny Flores for an in-depth workshop designed for aspiring podcasters looking to elevate their production.

Whether you’re on the brink of launching your podcast or seeking to refine your existing series, Johnny offers personalized feedback to help you fine-tune your content and presentation.

This hands-on session at Access Sacramento is perfect for those who have a podcast in development and are aiming for a professional edge in their work.

Benefit from Johnny’s keen ear and constructive critiques as you navigate the final stages before your podcast goes live.

Saturday May 11th 10 AM to 1 PM

$50 for Non-Members

$40 for Members

For more information or to reserve your spot, contact Access Sacramento. Let’s make your podcasting ideas resonate with your audience!

Call the office at 916.456.8600 to set up your training!
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We are so pleased to announce our Big Day of Giving total! Thanks to everyone who participated this year!! We received 49 donations between our site and the BDOG site and some of you gave multiple times in an effort to help us win cash prizes... AND... we DID win a $50 Boost!  Thank you @sacregcf  for all that you do in the region with this event.