Are YOU a Superstar?

Gain recognition for your awesome hours of volunteering.  Your first reward happens as early as 100 hours served with Access Sacramento.

A Superstar is an access Sacramento Member in good standing that is ready to give back to the organization in the form of Volunteerism.  A Superstar understands our mission, goals, and what exactly Public Access TV does for our community at large.

Why do we need Superstars?

Public Access TV is in crisis.  It is grossly misunderstood by the general public and often vilified and underfunded by those who would seek to end of Free Speech.  We are living in a crucial time of need as more of the community “cuts the cord” with Cable TV Providers, and our previously stable funding shrinks.  We have made the leap to Streaming, VOD, OTT, and Digital outlets; however, there have been no new pools of money created by these new platforms to support Public Access Stations.  Proposals to tax the internet for the purpose of funding Public Access been declined in legislation.

We need Super-Stars to help fill a gap in labor as we cannot afford to hire many people at this time.  We also need to foster a sense of strong community that takes pride in what we do and who we are.  We benefit hundreds of community members each year who may not fully realize how much they have been benefited.   By instilling volunteerism and cultivating a tight knit core to our organization, we will then be able to develop better funding.

Record My Superstar Hours Now
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It’s Easy!

  1. If you already volunteer with us, your qualified hours began January 2, 2024.  Just record your hours by clicking, “Record My Superstar Hours Now” and fill out our online form.
  2. We will track your hours and notify you when you earn a reward, like one of our snazzy star pins at 100 hours volunteered, showing the world how awesome you are!
  3. Your hours never expire, and we have rewards at 100, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, & 10,000 hours served!

Our Guiding Star’s 5 Points:

  1. Volunteering has many rewards to individual health & well-being; and to the community served.
  2. Volunteering is Important Labor. By taking care of simple tasks, volunteer labor benefits an organization and is professional work. Showing up on time, appropriately dressed, and ready to do the tasks at hand, helps the Organization thrive.
  3. Volunteering is LoyaltyVolunteers work only the hours they commit to, taking time off when needed for a healthy work-life balance. Knowing how essential volunteerism is, dependability is a priority.
  4. Volunteering is FUN! Volunteers find fun in simple tasks and brighten the experience of other volunteers with a positive attitude and love for the Organization. The more learned about Access Sacramento, the more the community at large has a better understanding of what we do.
  5. Volunteering is Free Speech.  Public Access TV is a cornerstone of our Democracy. Volunteers learn about the nuances of Public Access to fully understand the relevance, importance, and essential role Access Sacramento has in our community at large.

Are YOU Ready To Shine?

We Have Leadership Roles Available!

Join our active board whose goal is to sustain our community-empowering mission though fundraising activities and outreach.  Be an "Executive Producer" for Access Sacramento's channels!


Work special Events!

Opportunities this year include:
Spud Nite, coming March 28th
Big Day of TV, coming in March/April
Big Day of Giving, May 2nd
PCS Cast & Crew Call, May 8th

Help Us Day-to-Day!

Front Desk: Phone Operation, Stuffing Envelopes, Canvassing the local neighborhood, etc.
Radio Desk: Show Entry, Log Inspection, Research Projects/Special Projects

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