Who Should Be This Year's Honoree?

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Each year Access Sacramento celebrates one person in Sacramento County who has elevated our community with the power of their voice.  Who do you think deserves this honor?

We are asking the community to submit suggestions on who should be the 2022 Power of Voice Honoree. Nominee entry form below. Enter by February 28, 2022.

Previous Recipients

2021   Dr. Olivia Kasirye
County Public Health Officer

2020   The Movement Organizers
Black Lives Matter Sacramento

2019    Beth Hassett
WEAVE Crisis Services

2018   Gina Knepp
Front Street Shelter

2017   Patrick Harbison
Non-profit Supporter & PR Guru

2016   Jerry Perry
Community Music Organizer

2015   Basim Ekarra
Council on American-Islamic Relations

2014   Ginger Rutland
Sacramento Bee Editorial Writer

2013   Barbara O’Connor
Political Researcher & Professor

Nominate a Person from Sacramento County to win the 2022 Power Of Voice Award!

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