Quality Programming

Quality programming is the result of quality training and responsible local programmers. That is the secret behind Access Sacramento’s fame and success.

If Access Sacramento and its colleagues in the public access, education and government channels were a network, they would be the largest and most popular network in the world! However, "large" and "popular" are not the two most important words that we would use to measure success in these endeavors.

Serving the Sacramento County Community

For Access Sacramento, success is viewers seeing and hearing important and timely ideas, thoughts, sights and sounds...especially minority and other-than-English programs...that commercial and public television and radio don’t find economically viable.

At Access Sacramento, the value of a program lies in whether the diverse Sacramento County community is served by seeing and hearing the program, not in whether there are sponsors out there willing to underwrite the program! Thousands of hours of unique and locally produced and provided programs are seen and heard each year. That is success.

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