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Access Sacramento
Access Sacramento (Access) is a nonprofit public access station providing 100% local television and radio programing to the greater Sacramento region. Access provides services including free coverage of important community events, professional development and enrichment courses and media arts opportunities for Sacramento’s diverse population on issues that are important to the community.

Mission Statement
Access Sacramento lifts all voices by providing media education and local media platforms to engage the community in public dialogue and showcase creative expression.

Core Values
Access believes that by providing quality services, residents, youth, and community leaders share their distinct voices on issues that are important to the community.

    We value inclusion which is why we provide media training and media distribution channels to the community in order to give access to those who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized for lack of resources.          

    We value diversity. We promote intercultural information and dialog in order to promote social empathy and to bring about a variety of ideas and solutions to communal problems, which better strengthens the community.

    We celebrate and encourage originality. It is this independent, unique, creative thought when shared with others that enriches our community.

    We value our locality, one of the most diverse counties in the country. We uplift our neighbors by capturing and archiving their creativity, their views and their actions on local media. We protect speech locally by providing free speech cable and internet distribution platforms for the community to use.

Everyday, Access Sacramento informs and positively impacts the Sacramento County region – “Making a Difference, One Voice at a Time.”

About Public Access
With digital media and the constant upgrades in technology, very few people understand the importance of public access cable. Publicly owned airwaves have never guaranteed access to the public and control of media outlets favored those with financial resources especially with paid advertisement.

What is Public Access Television?
Public access television, also called cable access, community access, community television, and PEGS (Public, Education and Government), is a system that provides television production equipment, training and airtime on a local cable channel, so members of the public can produce theirr own shows and televise them to a mass audience.

History of Public Access
Public Access to cable  television first appeared in the United States in 1970. In 1972, the FCC required all calble systems in the top 100 U.S television markets to provide three access channels, one each for educational, local government and public use. If there was insufficientt demand in a particular market, the cable companies could offer fewer channels, but a minimum of one channel must be offered.  Sacramento was one of the urban areas of the United States to be wired for cable television.  On December 22, 1983, Sacramento Cable was awarded a franchise to construct and operate a cable television system in Sacramento County and the Cities of Sacramento, Folsom and Galt.