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The series provider must be a member in good standing with Access Sacramento, must have read Access Sacramento's Operating Rules and Procedures and have signed a Statement of Compliance with those rules. 2- A program provider may have only one series contract in effect at a time. Frequency of episodes shall be limited to no more than one scheduled time slot per week. Program length should not exceed length listed in “Program Time Slot”. 3- Each episode of the series must be substantially different than every other episode in the series, and must not have been previously cablecast on any channel managed by Access Sacramento. 4- Each episode of the series must be delivered to Access Sacramento no later than two business days prior to its scheduled cablecast date (or by 1 p.m. Thursday for weekend cablecast), but no sooner than 60 days before cablecast. 5- Program title must be consistent thru the contracted period and the same title as on this contract. Program title cannot be changed during the term of the series contract. 6- If a series provider fails to provide any episode of a series or fails to show up for a scheduled production time without 24-hour notice, the series may be canceled. The producer/provider will not be granted a series time in the future without the permission of the Access Sacramento Programming Committee and the Executive Director. 8- Programs in series must: a. Be broadcast quality recordings (1920x1080 HD). b. Have consistent audio and video levels. 9- Playback Request Forms for episodes of this series must be signed only by the holder of this series contract. Episodes submitted by others will not be accepted as part of the series. 10-All Community Use Channel series providers must create and submit a 10-30 second promotion during the first month of each contract. 11-Any program scheduled to be cablecast may be preempted by Access Sacramento. Access Sacramento will attempt to notify the series producer/provider of a pre-empted program in advance. 12-This series contract will be examined prior to its expiration for potential renewal or extension with regard to: a. The ability of the provider to deliver the programs in a regular, timely, and consistent fashion. b. The overall program quality and production values of the series. c. The expressed written desire (in the form of a contract renewal) of the provider to continue the series. d. Requests for channel space by other producers and program providers. e. Overall diversity of the program schedule. 13- Access Sacramento reserves the right to pre-empt scheduled programs in order to provide coverage of community events as determined by the Access Sacramento programming committee. Access Sacramento will attempt to notify the pre-empted show’s producer/provider in advance of the event. However, failure to contact the producer/provider in advance does not prohibit Access Sacramento from proceeding. In the event of a program being pre-empted, the Access Sacramento Programming Director will follow standard practices for handling the pre-empted program, which may include a delayed broadcast time.
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