Are you ready to rock out with the rudest tunes on the airwaves? Then tune in to Stay Rude Radio, the show that brings you the finest selection of Oi! Punk Rock Ska & reggae music every Friday night at 10pm. Your host is Spanky, the boss D.J. who knows how to keep the party going with his witty banter and awesome playlists. Whether you’re a skinhead, a rude boy, a punk rocker or just a lover of good music, you’ll find something to enjoy on Stay Rude Radio. So don’t miss it, Stay Rude Radio is the show for you!

If you are here you should already know that Stay Rude is a Skinhead Radio show whose mission is to promote true traditional Skinhead culture set apart from the media portrayal. With that being said we are not Racist and we will not tolerate that kind of thinking!

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Host Spanky The Boss DJ
Access Sacramento