The Climate Report

Are you concerned about the impact of climate change on our planet? Do you want to stay informed about local climate action opportunities, news, events and more? Then you won’t want to miss “The Climate Report” hosted by Dale Steele every Wednesday at noon on KUBU.

“The Climate Report” is a weekly half hour radio program that has been on the air for over 5 years, sponsored by 350 Sacramento, a local nonprofit working in the community on climate justice for all. Dale and his team of volunteers bring you the latest updates on climate change and its impact on our community, as well as interviews with experts, commentary, music and more.

From tips on how you can reduce your carbon footprint to information about upcoming events and initiatives, “The Climate Report” has everything you need to stay informed and engaged. And if you miss a show, don’t worry – an archive of past shows is available on the 350 Sacramento website.

So tune in to “The Climate Report” every Wednesday at noon on KUBU and join the fight for a better, more sustainable future. Together, we can make a difference.

Making Tracks

Looking for a radio show that explores the wonders of nature and highlights important environmental issues in your community? Look no further than “Making Tracks” with host Dale Steele.

For over 5 years, “Making Tracks” has been a weekly half hour radio program airing every Wednesday at 12:30 PM on KUBU. Dale Steele, a biologist with years of experience working on wildlife conservation and environmental issues across California and beyond, brings you the latest news and commentary on local and regional environmental issues, nature and wildlife.

Join Dale and his team every week for a thought-provoking mix of environmental news, calendar events, music, interviews, commentary and more. “Making Tracks” is the perfect place to stay informed about the latest environmental issues affecting your community and the planet.

And if you miss a show, don’t worry – past episodes and related material can be found at So tune in to “Making Tracks” every Wednesday at 12:30 PM on KUBU and discover the wonders of the natural world, and how we can all play a role in protecting it.

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