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September 21, #240:

Chapter 1: You Gotta Let Those Sleeping Doggies Lie Especially if it’s a Poodle

Sleeping Doggies            Budokan Boys

Autumn Nocturne            John Surman

Song of Innocence            John Zorn

September Song               Julia Hülsmann Quartet,Theo Bleckmann

Sentimental Fool               Roxy Music

Serenade to a Cuckoo        Jethro Tull

Serenade For Missy            The Residents

Serenade to a Poodle        Slim Gaillard

Chapter 2: All Things Shine When There’s a Career Opportunity

All Things Shine            Steve Poltz

All He Wants is You            Shawn Colvin

All I Need                           The Burning Hell

All Smiles and Mariachi        Lambchop

Alors                                 Sam Gendel

Amelia                             Jacqueline Schwab

Call Your Mama               Tami Neilson

Call the Police                  Oblivians

Career Opportunities          The Clash

A New Career in a New Town      David Bowie

Chapter 3: There Ain’t No Dust in California

Dusty Old Dust            Woody Guthrie

Dust Your Head Color Red       Swamp Dogg

35 Depression            Daddy Stovepipe & Mississippi Sarah

DC 9                           Jessie Mae Hemphill

California Desert Blues        Lane Hardin

California Boogie            Howlin’ Wolf

California Blues (Blue Yodel #4)    Merle Haggard

California Sun                The Rivieras

“                                      Los Ultrasonoros

The Calhoun Surf            Los Straightjackets

Chapter 4: Too Much Time on This Planet of Fools

Too Much Time                 Buckwheat Zydeco

Too Much on My Mind        The Kinks

Too Much Party                Abe Rounds

Nowadays a Woman’s Got to Hit a Man
Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band

Tight Shoe Boogie            Donnie Bowshier

Evening Gown                  The Left Banke

We Kill the Beast               XTC

We Are the Planets            Storybots

Planet of Fools                   David Thomas & Two Pale Boys

Planet of Visions                Kraftwerk

The Planet Krypton            Petra Haden

Planet Queen                    T Rex

Planet Claire                      The B52s

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