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Access Sacramento is a non-profit community media center created to help YOU produce your own non-commercial TV and radio programs in order to protect your right to free speech by providing media training and distribution platforms so your voice gets lifted. Your TV programs are cablecast on Access Sacramento’s local cable TV channels 17 & 18, and streamed on our website, Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.  KUBU "The Voice of Sacramento" is cablecast on these television channels between TV shows on the secondary audio platform (SAP), through our website, on any mobile device using the KUBU app, and on local low frequency radio in Sacramento, 96.5 FM. Become a member and lift your voice to your community. We are here for you.

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The next extension of that telescope after "Free Press" is Access Sacramento Broadcasting! We keep you informed and connected.  Tune into KUBU 96.5FM or listen in on cable on Tuesdays for government meeting coverage.
It's 10 PM.  Do YOU know where your Sunshine is?  Learn about California's Sunshine Laws and what is happening to them here: https://firstamendmentcoalition.org/california-sunshine-ordinances/
Did you know that Access Sacramento Broadcasts Government Meetings on Tuesdays?  Celebrate Sunshine Week with us!  #transparency #localtv
Women have so many gifts to offer the world.  One of those gifts is our diversity in backgrounds and cultures. #community #tvshow
What are you waiting for???? Submit that script for "A Place Called Sacramento" Script competition TODAY BY 5PM. (Seriously--that is the deadline.  It is TODAY)  Submit at the office or online accesssacramento.org.
It's sunshine week!  Here is how YOU can get involved: https://www.newsleaders.org/sunshine-week-about
Writers:  One way you can change this is to write scripts that offer women more dialog.  Let's all do our part:  Review your scripts once finished and count the lines.  Could you be offering more words to female characters?  #Equity #tv
Mister Powers, we only want TEN-or-LESS pages, please!!!! Stop acting like your middle name is Danger!  Submit your 10-pages-or-less script TODAY to "A Place Called Sacramento" Script Competition and if you are a top-ten Finalist, YOU get the tools, workshops, and Cast & Crew Call to make your short film and Premiere it at The Crest Theater on October 13th, 2023 in a Red Carpet Extravaganza!  https://www.accesssacramento.org/pcs-competition-rules/