Community Media Stations (like Access Sacramento) are a cornerstone of our democratic society, ensuring that every voice has a platform for expression. By providing open channels for citizens to create and share their own content, Access Sac promotes free speech, encourages civic engagement, and fosters community connections.  We broadcast and stream on Channels 17 and 18.  We also have video-on-demand through our website at

  1. Amplifying Diverse Voices— Access Sac serves as a vital platform for individuals and groups who are often marginalized or underrepresented in mainstream media. Whether it’s local artists, grassroots organizations, or activists fighting for social justice, Access Sac offers a level playing field for these voices to be heard. It enables a diverse range of perspectives and experiences to reach a wider audience, fostering empathy, understanding, and dialogue.
  2. Community Building and Empowerment— Access Sac strengthens communities by fostering connections among their members. It provides a shared space where neighbors can engage with one another, exchange ideas, and collaborate on projects that benefit the entire community. By promoting local events, highlighting community achievements, and addressing common concerns, Access Sac builds a sense of belonging and empowerment, bolstering the democratic fabric of our society.  Our Studios, Mobile Studio Media Truck, Media Editing Lab, and campus where we are located is a community asset open to all of the residents of Sacramento County.  (It’s kind of awesome!)
  3. Education and Civic Engagement–Access Sac goes beyond entertainment; it serves as a valuable educational resource. Local schools, colleges, and nonprofit organizations can utilize Access Sac to broadcast educational programs, workshops, and community forums. This enriches the learning experience, enhances public awareness of critical issues, and encourages active civic participation. Access Sac empowers citizens by providing them with the knowledge and tools to become informed and engaged members of society.  Do YOU have a show or a Public Service Announcement you want broadcasted?
  4. Free Expression and Accessible Platform— Access Sac upholds the fundamental right to free speech by providing an accessible platform for individuals of all backgrounds. It eliminates the barriers of traditional media gatekeepers and allows anyone with a message to share it with the world. Whether it’s through documentaries, talk shows, or artistic expressions, Access Sac gives a voice to those who might otherwise go unheard. It fosters a vibrant public sphere where ideas can be freely exchanged, strengthening our democracy.  We highly encourage BIPOC and women to experience our station and community.

Community Media Stations play a crucial role in upholding our democratic right to free speech. By amplifying diverse voices, fostering community connections, promoting education and civic engagement, and providing an accessible platform for expression, Access Sac contributes to a robust and inclusive democracy. Let’s recognize and support the importance of Access Sac in our society, ensuring that every citizen has the opportunity to be heard.  Come by the Coloma community Center today to learn more and get involved!