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2022 High School PSA Competition winners!

Our most sincere thanks to our competition underwriters, the Sacramento Area Sewer District and the Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District.  Their Confluence Regional Partnership Grant includes public education programs that educate students, parents and general public through local area school educational efforts about good community water & sewer habits.

Thanks for letting Access Sacramento be your local channel distribution network!


Ranking Student Name(s) PSA Title PSA Title Topic Covered Link to PSA
First Place - $400 Hannah Hufana -Franklin HS Sewer Safe FOG
Second Place - $300 Halina Ilejay, Makenna Lawrence, Melanie Maniulit - Sheldon HS Mercury Matter Mercury
Third Place - $250 Kyra Cooks - Franklin HS Cockroach Trouble Cockroach Trouble

Live Action

Ranking Student Name(s) PSA Title Topic Covered Link to PSA
First Place - $400 Jeo Dela Pena- Franklin HS The Tale of FOG FOG
Second Place - $300 Jonathan Kwong - Franklin HS Problems Unclogged No Wipes
Third Place - $250 Isaac Jensen, Sydney Walsh- Christian Brothers HS No Wipes Clean Pipes No Wipes

Honorable Mention $100

Student Name Category PSA Title Topic Covered Link to PSA
Madelyne Hom Animation The Dangers of Cockroaches Cockroaches
Myrka Macia Montes Animation A Pipes Message No Wipes
Camille Tanega Animation Trash ‘Em Don’t Flush ‘Em No Wipes
Jay Ma Live Don’t Jam the Pipes With Your Wipes No Wipes
Colette Boucher Live FOG = Clog FOG

Award of Merit Certificate

Student Name Category PSA Title Topic Covered Link to PSA
Angel Sahota, Aashika Ansu, Elise Johnson Animation Fats, Oils, and Grease FOG
Arlene Fang, Ariana Bernal, Alexa Morris Animation Eliminate Roaches Cockroaches
Brianna Langstraat, Nina Stowell, Arlene Fang, Edrin Coscolluela, Lia Nguyen Animation Petals and Pesticides HHW
Jordan Lopez Animation FOG FOG
J Lana Animation Stop Clog, End FOG FOG
Katelyn Howton, Cecilia Yang, Edrin Coscolluela Animation Stop the Clog FOG
Mikeila Ghelfi, , Brayden Williams, Olivia Yee Live Limit the FOG FOG
Emilyann Sheldon Live Don’t Destroy Our Sewers No Wipes
Claire Munoz, Kaylin Perry, Natalia Vallejo Live Not So Flushable Wipes No Wipes
Makena Paisley, Emerson Reel, Taylor Thrower Live FaceTime PSA Don’t Flush Your Meds
Anthony Payne Live No Wipes in the Pipes No Wipes
Sydney Laird, ValeriaMarquez, Sarah Pritchard Live Stop Ze Clog FOG