The Big Day of Giving and Big Day of TV

Public access television is more relevant than ever in today’s society. Access Sacramento remains an important platform for diverse voices and perspectives to be heard. Your Community Media Center is crucial to promoting free speech and democracy by providing a space for individuals and communities to express their ideas and opinions.

In a world where traditional media outlets are often controlled by large corporations or government, public access stations offer an alternative that is independent and community-driven. They allow for grassroots programming that is created by and for local audiences, covering a range of topics that may not be covered by mainstream media. This can include everything from local politics and social justice, to art and culture.

While Access Sacramento may have started as 2 cable channels, we now stream our community’s content online, With OTTs (Roku, Amazon Fire, etc), on LPFM Radio at KUBU 96.5FM and through social media platforms. This means that our reach is greater than ever, allowing for wider distribution and access to diverse perspectives.

In short, community television and Radio at Access Sacramento is  a vital part of our society, promoting free speech and democracy by allowing for diverse voices to be heard. By supporting your local community media center, you are investing in the future of our communities and ensuring that everyone has a voice, no matter their background or status.

If you like programming like, “The Big Day of TV”, please donate by the Big Day of Giving, May 2nd to lift the voices of Sacramento County!

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2023 Individual Episodes

Special Thanks to To County Supervisors Sue Frost, Patrick Kennedy, Phil Serna, and Rich Desmond for their contributions and match-funds that inspired Donors in Sacramento County to support Access Sacramento!

Big Day Of TV Episode 1

WellSpace Health
The GreenHouse
Child Action, Inc

Big Day Of TV Episode 2

American Foundation For Suicide Prevention
Capitol Creative Alliance
Sacramento Children’s Museum
Meals On Wheels by ACC

Big Day Of TV Episode 3

Sisters Of Nia
Natomas Garden & Arts Collective
Breathe California Sacramento Region

Big Day Of TV Episode 4

Holding Space
Me-One Foundation
3Strands Global Foundation

Big Day Of TV Episode 5

UCP of Sacramento & Northern California
Sacramento Developer Collective
The Sofia, Home Of B Street Theatre

Big Day Of TV Episode 6

Welcome Home Midwifery Services
Access Sacramento