Announcing Winners of the 24th Scriptwriting Competition

Sacramento, 4/15/24 – Access Sacramento, our Sacramento County non-profit community media center, is proud to announce the ten winners of the “A Place Called Sacramento” scriptwriting competition.

It is worth noting that this scriptwriting competition is unique in the country; the contestants promise to produce their script into a film if they win the competition.  “This film project takes heaps of creativity, commitment and collaboration to turn the winning scripts into final short films to air at the October film premiere,” states Donna Girot, Executive Director of Access Sacramento.

Access Sacramento’s core values include valuing our locality. The competition scripts are judged in part by how the writers have included Sacramento County into their scripts. The films are produced locally, and the community is uplifted with a local film premiere which is filmed and later aired on local cable channel 17, as well as streamed on, Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV.

Access Sacramento Community Media also celebrates and encourages originality, for it is this independent, unique, creative thought that enriches our community.  So, with great respect we congratulate the 2024 “A Place Called Sacramento” Scriptwriting Competition winners:

Paper Notice by William Marx & Madeline McChesney A man’s life is changed forever when his selfless nature returns to touch his heart in ways unimaginable.

For Love or Rock by Tony Pacheco A touring musician suddenly finds himself at a crossroads and must choose between what he loves in life and the love of his life.

Love Wins by Lawrence Wattson A young woman drives to build a business honoring her mother while struggling with the loss of her relationship with the one that loves her the most.

The Jacket by Cheryl Bealer-Wynton After discovering a jacket left at his blowout high school party, a 20-something guy goes in search of the girl who left it there and finally learns how to adult in the process.

Sole Re-Pair by Kayla Washington Every sneaker tells a story, and you wouldn’t believe what 12-year-old Myles’ shoes have to say.

Alius Mundus by Aldo Trocino After awakening to a bizarre morning, two brothers race against time to unravel the current mysterious event before sinister forces close in on them.

Cold by Stanley Simons A washed-up detective, hell-bent on solving a cold case, is allowed by a stranger to use dangerous advanced technology to solve the case.

Granite and Marble by R. Paul Villaluz A “charmed” young boy races against the clock to win the love and friendship of his angry and cold-hearted adoptive teenage sister before a major Sacramento event concludes or risks being turned back into his true self.

Son-Mat by Haaram Kim In an effort to honor his beloved late mother, a son embarks on a heartfelt journey to recreate a cherished childhood dish, seeking solace and connection through food.

The Ad Guyz by Kyle Ramos Despite a major lack of experience, two young filmmakers manage to land a chance to direct a commercial for a local sports hero.

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