Get ready for an insightful and entertaining ride with Todd Boyd, host of two fantastic radio shows – Writers on Air and Say la V!

From his previous careers as a carpenter, railroad worker, and social studies teacher, to his current pursuits as a self-published author, internet radio host, blogger, and artist, Todd brings a wealth of life experience and wisdom to his shows.

As an agnostic with a spiritual streak, Todd believes in the power of hope and redemption, and he’s not afraid to explore life’s highs and lows with humor and insight. Whether he’s interviewing other authors and showcasing their work on Writers on Air, or sharing his own stories and insights on life on Say la V, Todd is a true master of his craft.

So if you’re looking for an engaging and thought-provoking listen, tune in to Todd Boyd’s Writers on Air and Say la V shows, where you’ll find a mix of literary discussion, personal reflection, and creative inspiration. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join Todd on his journey through life, and discover the magic of illogical, mythological realism!

Some of Todd’s  work can be found at and at blog

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Host Todd Boyd
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