Here's a Word from Minister Gaspard

Join Minister Walena Gaspard on her Christian faith-based talk show “Here’s a Word from Minister Gaspard.” This show is faith-filled, cautionary and inspirational as Minister Gaspard shares the Word of God.

Sacramento Italian Style

“Sacramento Italian Style” features a wide variety of Italian and Italian-American music from many eras and genres. Host Phyllis Cupparo also highlights events and info about the Sacramento Italian Cultural Society, this fun show's local sponsor. Una delizia da ascoltare !

Fans Radio Sacramento

Join 1st Lady Lisa and D.J. Seven on "FANS RADIO Sacramento" for two hours of non-stop music of today’s hottest music mixes by our own D.J. Seven.

Big Gay Happy Hour Lounge

The “Big Gay Happy Hour Lounge” offers a mix of old school and R&B. Host Steve Sparkles digs deep into his vast record collection to bring just the right balance of relaxing and upbeat vibes to your speakers...and you never know what he is going to say or play inside the Lounge.

Long Hair Detectorist Guild

The Longhair Detectorists Guild consider themselves the more sophisticated branch of The League of Musical Detectorists. This music program is hosted by William Henri Briggs-Loam Fuller III, [Bachelor of Musical Arts, Ding Dong School; Doctor of Musical Savagery, Doc Savage University]. Beginning with classical music, it eventually runs the gamut from traditional to Avant Garde to rock and beyond. Remember: You don’t have to have long hair to join the Guild, but it doesn’t hurt.

Distorted Nation Radio

The “Distorted Nation” radio show is where host C-Kore, accompanied by Pinky and Producers Jade & Pepper, take local to a national level. Distorted bridges the gap between local unsigned bands and the national acts you love by playing both local talent from around the world right alongside of the greatest signed bands in the industry.  This fresh content includes the debut of new tracks hitting the charts, keeping listeners up to date on everything happening in the music industry. Tune in and get Distorted!

Stay Rude Radio

On "Stay Rude Radio" join Spanky, your boss D.J. as he spins some of the very best in Oi!, Punk Rock, Ska and Reggae.

Sho Nuff Show

Join host Lord Rone D. Savage to listen to the “Sho Nuff Stuff Show” which is an enigma until you listen...You won’t be disappointed.

Sacramento Smooth Jazz

Relax and unwind with Michael Andrews as he brings a stimulating show of Smooth Jazz, artist interviews, and inspiration.



Gumbo Music Mix

Join host Emily Butler (Ms. Emily Productions/ aka DJ. Lerbeck) on “The Gumbo Mixed Music Show”, where you will hear hot, contemporary R&B and eclectic genres along with throwbacks from the past. Enjoy this free form mixed music show on KUBU 96.5 FM (LP) where as a radio producer U can Be U.