Here's a Word from Minister Gaspard

If you are looking for some inspiration and encouragement in your life, tune in to "Here's a word from pastor Gaspard" on KUBU 96.5 FM radio. This show is hosted by Walena Gaspard, a pastor and a community leader in Sacramento CA. She shares her experiences of volunteering at the local hospital, helping the homeless, and running a nonprofit outreach. She also offers biblical insights and practical advice on how to live a fulfilling and purposeful life. Join her every Sunday at 2pm and get ready to be uplifted and motivated by her words of wisdom and love.

Sacramento Italian Style

If you love Italian music, you won't want to miss "Sacramento Italian Style", a weekly radio show that showcases the best of Italy's musical heritage. Whether you enjoy opera, pop, folk, or jazz, you'll find something to suit your taste in this eclectic mix of songs. You'll also learn more about the Sacramento Italian Cultural Society, a local organization that promotes Italian language and culture in the community. Join host Phyllis Capparo every Sunday at noon some pure delight. As they say in Italy, una delizia da ascoltare!

Fans Radio Sacramento

Join 1st Lady Lisa and D.J. Seven on "FANS RADIO Sacramento" for two hours of non-stop music of today’s hottest music mixes by our own D.J. Seven.

Big Gay Happy Hour Lounge

The “Big Gay Happy Hour Lounge” offers a mix of old school and R&B. Host Steve Sparkles digs deep into his vast record collection to bring just the right balance of relaxing and upbeat vibes to your speakers...and you never know what he is going to say or play inside the Lounge.

Long Hair Detectorist Guild

Get ready to discover a more sophisticated musical experience with The Longhair Detectorists Guild, every Saturday from noon to 3:00. Hosted by the highly educated William Henri Briggs-Loam Fuller III, [Bachelor of Musical Arts, Ding Dong School; Doctorate of Musical Savagery, Doc Savage University], this radio show is a perfect blend of classical, traditional, avant-garde, rock, and beyond. While the Longhair Detectorists Guild may consider themselves the more refined branch of The League of Musical Detectorists, don't worry, you don't have to have long hair to join the guild. So tune in every Saturday and let the Longhair Detectorists Guild take you on a musical journey unlike any other.

Distorted Nation Radio

If you love music and want to discover new bands from around the world, you need to listen to Distorted Nation. It's a radio show that showcases local talent and gives them a chance to shine alongside the big names in the industry. Distorted Nation is hosted by C-Kore, a veteran of the Sacramento music scene who has been involved in filming, recording and promoting bands for years. He is joined by Pinky and Producers Jade & Pepper, who bring their passion and expertise to the show. Together, they play the best new tracks, interview unsigned artists, and keep you updated on everything happening in the music world. Distorted Nation is more than just a radio show, it's a mission to take local to a national level. You can catch them on 96.5 FM KUBU Sacramento or online at Don't miss this opportunity to get Distorted!

Stay Rude Radio

Are you ready to rock out with the rudest tunes on the airwaves? Then tune in to Stay Rude Radio, the show that brings you the finest selection of Oi! Punk Rock Ska & reggae music every Friday night at 10pm. Your host is Spanky, the boss D.J. who knows how to keep the party going with his witty banter and awesome playlists. Whether you're a skinhead, a rude boy, a punk rocker or just a lover of good music, you'll find something to enjoy on Stay Rude Radio. So don't miss it, Stay Rude Radio is the show for you!

If you are here you should already know that Stay Rude is a Skinhead Radio show whose mission is to promote true traditional Skinhead culture set apart from the media portrayal. With that being said we are not Racist and we will not tolerate that kind of thinking!

Sho Nuff Show

Are you ready for the Sho Nuff Show? It's the hottest radio show on the planet, hosted by the one and only Lord Rone D Savage. He's here to drop some knowledge, crack some jokes, and interview the most interesting guests from all walks of life. Whether it's music, sports, politics, or pop culture, Lord Rone D Savage has something to say about it. Tune in every week and get ready to laugh, learn, and be entertained by the Sho Nuff Show!

Sacramento Smooth Jazz

If you love jazz music as much as Michael Andrews does, you don't want to miss Sacramento Smooth Jazz. This is the show where Michael shares his passion and knowledge of jazz with you, playing the best tunes from the classics to the contemporary. Tune in every Friday and Saturday at 6:00 PM PST on 96.5 FM KUBU and enjoy an hour of smooth jazz with Michael Andrews. Sacramento Smooth Jazz is the perfect way to relax and unwind after a busy week. Don't miss it!



Gumbo Music Mix

If you love R&B and other eclectic music genres, tune in to The Gumbo Mixed Music Show every Friday from 3:00pm to 6:00pm on KUBU 96.5 FM. This show is produced by Emily Butler, a.k.a DJ Lerbeck, who has been part of the Access Sacramento Radio production team since 2005. She has a wealth of experience as a professional disc jockey and a passion for mixing different styles of music. The Gumbo Mixed Music Show will spice up your day with hot and fresh tracks from today and yesterday. Don't miss this amazing radio mixshow on KUBU 96.5 FM, where you are free to be you! today’s R&B and Eclectic genres of today’s music with throwbacks from the past. Join in each Friday and enjoy a great MixShow of Free Form mixes of music on KUBU 96.5 FM (LP) where being a Radio producer you are Free to Be U at KUBU 96.5 FM, Access Sacramento!.