The Mike & Maddy Show

Join “The Mike and Maddy Show” where hosts Mike & Maddy play an upbeat mix of music and discuss local Sacramento events and news.


"Semi-Twang" is a weekly radio show hosted by Paul Hefti, wherein the roots of music are wide-ranging and always growing. These roots include classic country, alt country, singers & songwriters, Americana, blues, folk, bluegrass, soul, rockabilly, and whatever the heck else might particularly float my boat.  The show is largely dedicated to new releases so, in some ways, Semi-Twang is Tomorrow’s Music Today!

Old School Jazz Show

The Old School Jazz Radio Show host Elwood J. plays a variety of smooth jazz artists--Boney James, Rick Braun, Peter White to name a few. Elwood takes great pride in promoting local jazz artists.

Got Science?

Listeners will hear warm, thoughtful, genuine, sometimes funny and always nuanced shows about science on topics from electric trucks to voting with friendly hosts and helpful experts. This show produced by the Union of Concerned Scientists has been named among the top 30 shows on sustainability by  If you are curious about how science in your life, tune in here.

Center of the Universe

Join host Michael Mercury on the “Center of the Universe” radio show where Michael discusses all things metaphysical, which helps listeners think differently about the events happening in the world.

KUBU Variety Show

You never know what to expect when listening to the "KUBU Variety Show." It could be sea shanties or classical music, medieval french concertina music or 60s folk music.  Enjoy the variety!

The Weekly Content

"The Weekly Content" is a topical show that features interviews and segments with artists, officials, organizations, influencers and people making a difference in their community and the Northern California Region, offering context to your daily life.

The League of Musical Detectorists

“The League of Musical Detectorists” Show Rules:
Rule #1: We don’t play songs, we play segues. The space between the songs, or the lack thereof, is our focus,” so says William Fuller about The League.

“Rule #2: There are no musical boundaries. Any kind of music is welcome, depending on the context and execution.”

Fuller says folks should overcome their fear of musical genres they don’t know. Interconnectedness is key. The LMD is here to help, broadcasting from Access bungalow annex Dada Hall.

Anyone interested in receiving the weekly LMD playlist can drop a note to bill- Fuller wraps it up with...

Rule #6: “The fence behind Dada Hall will never be finished.”

Sponsorship for the League of Musical Detectorists is provided by Beth Underwood and her To Hell and Bach radio program broadcast every other Sunday from 4-6 PM on KWMR FM. 

Thank you Beth Underwood for your support. 

Capital City Radio

A twenty-year veteran of KUBU radio, talk show host Alexander Vasquez covers local community affairs which include politics, religion, culture arts, community activism and much more.

RetroRadio USA

If your favorite song was ever a top 100 hit from 1964 to 1989, host Bobby James has got it and you’ll hear it on KUBU. From Abba to the Zombies, Aerosmith to ZZ Top, tune in, turn it up and rock out on “RetroRADIO USA.”