100 Punks

On the "100 Punks" radio show hear the ferocious beats, blistering guitars and savage lyrics of Punk Rock with the host, Trevor the Old Anarchist. Trevor has traveled a long and circuitous route to the airwaves. As a first-hand witness to the social upheaval of the 1960s, the ennui of the early 70s, and a willing participant in the punk rock explosion of the late 70s and early 80s, he brings artifacts of First Wave Punk and its subsequent iterations back from obscurity.

Late Night Sacramento

On the "Late Night Sacramento" radio show host Kevin Koble plays a fun mix of music and little NASCAR trivia as well.

Food Talk with Chef Ernesto

“Food Talk with Chef Ernesto” is a culinary conversation. Host Chef Ernesto, retired chef/baker, interviews many of the top chefs from around the world.  Don’t miss “Recipe Time” as they share their expertise that delights your palate!

This is Your Season

“This is Your Season” radio show is where listeners can hear inspirational, spiritual & innovative dialogue with gospel artists, authors, poets and the preached Word of God with Host Pastor Roxy.

Unapologetic Hour

The “Unapologetic Hour” radio show brings music and conversations that uplift and inspire the listeners. Host Dene Starks presents topics centered around current events, mental health, real estate, sports, music and more, all from a Christ-centered perspective.

Sophisticated Soul

Let award winning producer 1stLADY Felicia K entertain you in her show "Sophisticated Soul" with soulful Rhythm & Blues, Funk and occasional jazz from the 70s to current with entertainment and world news highlights along with a “Missing Person's Profile” in each broadcast.

Dee McCoy Radio

Fun and upbeat, the “Dee McCoy Radio” radio show sprinkles in the best music while also featuring intriguing discussions with both local community and international guests.

Writers on the Air

“Writers on the Air” is an interesting show produced by Sacramento native, writer, poet, blogger and KUBU show host Todd Boyd. Some of Todd’s Some of work can be found at www.writersontheair.com and at blog www.saylavproductions.com.

Say La V

“Say La V” is an interesting show produced by Sacramento native, writer, poet, blogger and KUBU show host, Todd Boyd.

KUBU Variety Show

The KUBU variety shows fill the airways with some of your favorite tunes. But also expect the unexpected, from hearty sea shanties to classical music to toe tapping swamp rock.  True variety in these variety shows!